The 4-Tier end to end whitelabelled helpdesk.

The true multi-brand helpdesk

Spiraldesk is a web-based multi-brand helpdesk, that manages customer service and communication for companies which operates with multiple entities, profit centers, locations, products or brands.

Companies run multiple non-connecting business units with the same top management. Spiraldesk acts as a single platform to monitor the customer service process in each entity, even if they have a separate process for each of them.

A business unit could be using a certain set of applications like a CRM, to ease their process. They can all be connected to Spiraldesk.


Classify your tickets based on brands, products, companies, locations or clients and see it in one place.

Ticket Filter

Create custom filters and access them easily from our web interface and the mobile app.

Autotag Tickets

Tag your tickets based on subject, contents, customer, etc and access them in a click.

Event based notifications

Create custom notifications with placeholders for each brand.

White-labelled portals

Each brand gets its own white labeled support portal which can be customized completely.

Detailed reports

Generate and schedule ticket reports based on Brands, Departments, and Agents.

Integrating with Third Party Apps

Our integrations to third-party applications happen at the department level, enabling users to integrate with the same application, multiple times. Integrate the same CRM or Messenger with different logins and we don't care if you are using different accounts for different Brands. The app simply needs an API.

The Multi Brand Approach

Spiraldesk has a unique way by which all the features such as Email Notifications, Knowledge Base, Tickets, App Integrations, etc are separated by the Brand, allowing the users to configure each white labeled Support portals to their linking.

Easy Setup and Scale

Spirldesk allows you to create a helpdesk instance easily, set it up in a few minutes and scale it up based on the products, organizations, locations and their respective departments. Once done, give access to your team based on departments.

Setup your support channels and start communicating with your customers in a couple of minutes.

Our infrastructure is deployed on the cloud, which enables spiraldesk to be scaled infinitely without compromising on performance or the user experience.

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Free forever

Free forever

Lifetime Free for One Agent,
One Brand & One Department

  • Email Channel
  • Ticket Filters
  • Knowledge Base
  • Custom Notifications


/ agent/month billed yearly

/agent/month billed monthly

Upto 3 Brands &
10 Departments

  • All Features from Lite +
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Work Flow And Automation
  • Multiple Products/Brand
  • Ticket Time Tracking
  • Email Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • Ip Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • Automatic Tagging
  • Brand Specific Agent Signatures
In Demand


/ agent/month billed yearly

/agent/month billed monthly

Upto 10 brands &
25 departments

  • All Features from Curl +
  • Whitelabelled Portals
  • Unlimited Ticket Filters
  • SSL Enabled Portals
  • Agent Collision
  • Web Forms
  • Custom Attachment Store
  • Ticket List Export


/ agent/month billed yearly

/agent/month billed monthly

Unlimited Brands &
Unlimited Departments

  • All Features from Radial +
  • Free SSL Certificates upto 5 Portals
  • Unlimited Temporary Agents
  • Email to Notes
  • Customer Isolation for Brands
  • Unlimited Agent Roles
  • Customer Mobile App
  • Custom Ticket Feilds
  • Unlimited Ticket Subscribers

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