Spiraldesk Story in different industries

Spiraldesk was subjected to detailed analysis from various industries with different kinds of requirements.

Web hosting

A datacenter or a web hosting provider operates under multiple brands, resells a lot of stuff, runs multiple lines of related business and has plenty of priority customers. It is often found that they use different billing systems and Spiraldesk handles this by intelligent integration.

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A typical banking operation consists of a Head office, multiple regional offices and city offices. Learn how the support requests to each of the branches are handled effectively by using Spiraldesk.

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Group of companies

A group company runs an independent business with varied sectors like Transport, hospitality, manufacturing, etc. Its often difficult to handle the departments like purchase, accounts, sales, etc and to channelize them. Spiraldesk achieves this in a unique fashion.

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Managed service providers

An MSP has to serve their clients using different helpdesk. Spiraldesk can help those companies channelize all requests across all the helpdesks they use, into one single platform.

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Product marketing

A company dealing with sales or multiple lines of products will need proper communication channels between its regional offices, product manufacturers and dealers. Spiraldesk can create a unique communication channel which enables the product supply chain to maintained with perfection.

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Shipping and logistics have a large volume of emails with a variety of documents attached. Spiraldesk can put this communication in track and allow the agents to see the documents sent across communications in one click.

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A telecom employs distributors and service providers for selling and maintaining their products. The customers come to the Telecom Managed stations when something goes wrong. Bring all your resellers and service providers under one umbrella.

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Travel agency

A travel company works from different locations, where each location is as a separate cost centers, with their own defined processes. Spiraldesk brings visibility to customer service in each of those cost centers, enabling customers to be handled in an effective manner.

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Claims and New policies are the basic operations in the insurance sector. There is always control from an authority in claim settlement, which needs to be satisfied by the Insurance company. Spiraldesk helps insurance companies to settle their claims faster and to convert new sales.

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Distributor network

After selling a product through a distribution channel, all major distributors find it hard to support their partners with end-user questions. Spiraldesk brings the distributor, partner, and the end customer in a single customer service platform.

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