Helpdesk features

Spiraldesk was created after reviewing customer service process from various industries.

Multiple support channels

Create tickets from multiple sources.


Convert an incoming email to a ticket.

Social networks

Convert posts from Facebook to a ticket and reply to the post from spiraldesk.

Live chat

Integrate to your favourite live chat system and use it seamlessly with Spiraldesk.


Create HTML forms and paste the code on any of your websites securely, to create tickets.

Multi channel help desk software-spiraldesk

Manage multiple brands or products

Create support departments for an unlimited number of brands.

Support portals

White labeled support portals for each brand you own.


Integrate any number of CRM's to the same brand.


See all tickets from all brands in one interface.

Branded portals

Customized support portals that match your website.

Brand-wise Knowledge Base

Create KB articles and make them available to selected portals.

Customer engagement

Engage with your customers over email, mobile app, and support portals.

Open and track tickets

Allows customers to open and track their tickets using a customer self-service portal.

Feedback mechanism

The customer gets a chance to give feedback to each reply from the agent and contribute to the average ticket rating.

KB analytics

Quick analytics on how many reads on the Knowledge Base article.

customer service desk software

Track and improve productivity

Automate your customer service using dynamic features in spiraldesk.


Apply SLA's and define a workflow to improve performance and to escalate to higher levels based on time, priority, customer, status and working hours.

Tag your tickets

Tag your incoming tickets based on contents, set the priority and push them to workflow to automate your process.

Time and event triggers

Automate your workflows based on time and status changes.

Dynamic notifications

Customize the contents of the email sent to customers, employees, subscribers, and contacts for each brand, based on an event.

Response templates

Store your responses and use it when needed directly from the ticket reply screen.

Dynamic ticket status

Add status based on your requirement and include them in the workflows.

Data from CRM

The customer data from the integrated CRM's is available in the ticket view.

Helpdesk reports

Improve customer service and team performance based on dashboard insights.

Separated by brand

Reports separated by each brand and its department.

Agent specific reports

Get insights on the agent performance and compare.

Tasks and timesheets

Get detailed analytics on scheduled tasks and timesheets.

Graphs and charts

Actual figures that give your insights on team performance.

multibrand helpdesk software with Reports and analytics features

Team and productivity

Working together improves customer satisfaction levels.

Work together

Allow your team to work together with a collective responsibility approach.

Similar tickets

An intelligent way to keep customer service consistent even when agents are engaged with different tickets.

Splitting tickets

Convert a customer response to another ticket to resolve queries quickly.

Agent collision

See if a different Agent is working on the ticket you are looking at.

Reply comments

Add a comment to an agent reply to suggest changes.

3rd Party Integration

Unlimited CRM's

Integrate any number of CRM's to the departments created.

Attachments stored on cloud

Auto-upload the ticket attachments to your cloud account.

Live chat

Engage with your customers on live chat instantly.


Get notified on collaboration tools such as slack.

multi department helpdesk software-Spiraldesk free Helpdesk

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